Practice Consulting
Healthcare is an exciting space. It accounts for nearly 20% of the United States' GDP annually.

There are so many moving parts to healthcare, each aspect having direct implications on small to mid-sized medical practices. And we approach every practice with this in mind. Our primary goal and focus is to provide end-to-end solutions specific enough to meet each of our clients' needs and flexible enough to adapt to future changes in healthcare.

Our Process & Offerings

We work directly with our clients and their executive team, evaluating software, RCM efficiency, financial reports, staff resumes, roles and responsibilities, office protocols and market efficiency.

Design and implementation of comprehensive SOP’s
Onsite presence from our executive consultation team
Billing review
Revenue cycle management procedures, policies and biller training
Marketing analysis and practice-specific marketing strategy and management
Forms and office work policies
Extended engagement
Collection resources
Patient engagement policies and training
CE for staff
Sales training
Financial reporting