Revenue Cycle Management
Next to seeing your patients, your revenue cycle is the most important component to the health of your practice.

As day-one billers we are experts in every aspect of the revenue cycle management process, and are committed to execution and follow through of insurance reimbursement and patient balances that are due to you.

In handling every patient engagement— be it in-network, out-of-network, CMS, or self-pay—working with VP gives you the confidence of knowing you have a certified biller based in the U.S. that is making sure you get paid. Our billing and executive teams work directly with one another to provide the accurate, reliable revenue cycle management service you need.

We appeal all denials promptly, seeking every opportunity to reduce your rate of denials. Our process is designed to get you reimbursed for services rendered as quickly as possible, at the highest appropriate reimbursement levels.

Our clients come first

VP puts client wellbeing first, providing every practitioner with the stability, data and metrics they need to scale predictably and increase the value of their practice.

Understanding the operational health of your practice is paramount in scaling successfully. Our custom reporting provides you with information and metrics on payor mix, fee-for-service demographics, provider performance, product sales, and more depending on the needs of your practice.